Welcome to OpenL2M v2

Welcome to the documentation for the “Open Layer 2 Management” project.

OpenL2M is an open source network device management application designed to allow users with minimal training to perform a set of basic configuration changes on those devices, with a focus on port or interface (i.e Layer 2) changes. It does so by providing a consistent web interface for device management, independent of the underlying vendor.

OpenL2M attempts to address the needs of distributed IT groups managing parts of a shared distributed layer 2 (“switching”) network.

While primary intended to manage network switches, OpenL2M can handle any device that has some sort of network API (e.g. SSH, Netconf, REST, etc.)

OpenL2M is written in Django 3 and Python 3. Documentation is written in ReStructured Text format, which is rendered with the Sphinx documentation generator.

What’s New:

v2.3 adds support for Juniper Junos devices.

v2.2 adds support for Aruba AOS-CX switches.

v2.1 implements command templates, a controlled method to give users variable input on commands. This gives tremendous flexibility in giving users in a controlled fashion more visibility into the device. See the Configuration section for more.

v2.0 implements a new plug-in API for add-on device drivers. This makes is easy to add support for any kind of network device, whether the interface is SSH, REST, NetConf, or other methods. See more in the development section below.

If you are interesting in contributing, writing drivers for new devices, or just learning about the internals of OpenL2M, read the following.

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